Katie Bolding is well-versed in the music of various genres and centuries, having performed over 400 concerts in different settings...

You're planning the wedding of your dreams and are searching for the perfect song for your walk down the aisle, or a memorable father-daughter dance? Whatever the occasion, Katie can help you choose an appropriate and heart-stopping song to make your wedding day absolutely perfect!

Celebrating an anniversary or a new engagement?  Let Katie bring back old memories from yesteryear or help you make new memories by singing YOUR song at the gathering!  Katie can sing old classics from years back, or new favorites from today's stars.  Let's plan something together!

Perhaps you're having an backyard party and want to add a singer with guitar in the background, strumming rock classics from the likes of John Denver, The Beatles, and Bob Dylan, Katie can provide just the right atmosphere of fun with an elegant touch.

Having an evening dinner party, and want to give your guests a surprise performance? Katie Bolding is a world-class performer, able to bring a touch of class and elegance to your special event.  Choose one song or a whole evening of music for your guests to enjoy!  Christmas carols, Hymns, and Broadway favorites are just a few of your options!

If you're having a memorial service to celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed away, Katie can perform a beautiful rendition of a favorite song or hymn, to bless the gathering of family and friends and honor your loved one.


Looking for a soprano soloist in for a concert in your church or other venue? Please contact Katie Bolding!  A fine professional, Katie's classicaly-trained voice will touch the hearts of any listener.  

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